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What's Included:

The fees listed below include, in addition to my training services, training supplies used during the session, informational handouts and a written treatment plan which explains to the client what steps to take toward problem resolution, and any time spent on a case outside the session, such as phone calls and emails to the client, veterinarian, etc.  Due to the high price of gasoline, I have had to add a small charge to help cover my travel expenses for clients that live outside Hamilton County.  To determine the cost of a session in your home, scroll down the page to find the fees charged for the particular service you are interested in.


Options Available:

Payments can be made by check, cash, bank card, credit card, or Pay-Pal.  I do ask that clients make payment in full at the end of each session.  For behavior/training packages, clients will need to pay for at least half of the package price at the end of the initial session to receive the discounted rate. 


Payment Plans:

In some cases I have accepted partial payments at the time of the consult and billed clients for the remainder 30 days later.  If splitting your bill is something you need, we can discus this option when you schedule your consultation. 


For Credit Card Payments:

If you would like to pay for your session(s) by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, eCheck) please let me know when you schedule your session and I will send an "invoice by email."  You will be able to review your invoice, make payment through Pay-Pals secure website, and receive an email confirmation of payment.  You do not need a Pay-Pal account to use this feature.  



  1. *Initial Behavior Consultation $110.00 includes 2-3 hour evaluation

  2. *Follow-up Behavior Consultation $50.00 per hour

  3. *Phone Consultation  $40.00 per hour

  4. *Behavior Consultation Package  10% Discount



  1. *Individual Obedience  $50.00 per hour

  2. *Educational Training Services (pre-purchase counseling, preparing for baby, etc.)  $50.00 per hour

  3. *Obedience Training Package  10% Discount on Hourly Rate

  4. *Puppy Training Package  10% Discount on Hourly Rate



  1. *If your pet was adopted from a rescue organization you receive: 10% Discount

  2. *If your pet has attended one of my classes you receive: 10% Discount


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