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The Importance of Positive Training:

    It is a tragedy that one of the leading reasons pets are abused, euthanized, and given away is because of problem behaviors that disrupt the lives of their owners. Anyone who has had a pet with a serious or long-term behavior problem knows that no matter how much you love your pet, living with and trying to solve the problem can be extremely frustrating. The good news is that most behavior problems can be treated... it's simply a matter of the owners receiving the correct information about their pets' problems and being taught which tools and training methods will provide the best solutions for them.

    Revolutionary changes in training methods are taking place as behavioral research provides us with new
insights into how our pets learn and process information.  The nation's leading behaviorists all agree that using humane, positive training techniques to teach our pets the behaviors we DO want, is generally more effective than using traditional, correction-based methods to punish them for the behaviors we DON'T want.  It truly is possible to have a well-behaved pet who views you as the leader WITHOUT resorting to hitting your pet or harshly correcting him with the use of a prong collar, choke chain, or shock collar.  While the use of such correction-based methods may produce results with some pets, they can do damage  the pet-owner relationship.  Many pets will also respond with fear and/or aggression because they simply can't tolerate the stress placed upon them by correction-based training.  Think, for a moment, how stressful it would be for you to learn a new skill if the teacher inflicted pain or discomfort upon you every time you made a mistake.  Sadly, many trainers continue to train pets using these methods because they don't recognize the importance of ongoing education and staying informed about the most recent advances in behavioral research and treatment.

    With the training world being divided by such differing philosophies, pet owners are often confused by the conflicting advice they receive and unsure of how to resolve behavioral problems in their homes.  It is our responsibility as owners to learn how to communicate our expectations to our pets, so they can learn how to live happily with us in our world.

Mission Statement

    My goal is to provide clients with up-to-date, comprehensive information on pet behavior and to teach them effective strategies for resolving behavioral problems.  I hope that by helping clients learn to communicate with their pets in a language they understand, the bond between owner and pet will strengthen and fewer pets will be relinquished due to behavioral difficulties.  With the proper tools and your commitment, you and your pet will be able to enjoy mutual friendship, understanding, and respect.


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