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I have had the opportunity to work in the veterinary field with Kim Trimpe since 2001.  I have referred numerous clients for a variety of reasons ranging from puppy training to extensive behavior problems.  Kim has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to handle these cases in an efficient and professional manner.  Her enthusiasm for animal behavior and training is made apparent by her commitment to continuing education and the relationship she builds with both the clients and their pets.

Emily King, D.V.M.

All-Star Veterinary Clinic

Westfield, Indiana


I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Kim Trimpe for about 12 years.  She has a kind heart and a gentle spirit that serves her well in training pets and dealing with their behavior problems.  Kim has worked hard over the years to obtain the best possible animal behavior education and training.  She stays current with the experts and has used her training to help numerous clients and pets that I’ve referred to her.  In my opinion, Kim is one of the very few people I would trust to help my clients with their pet’s behavioral training or behavioral problems.


Don Kalt, D.V.M.

Noah's Animal Hospitals

Indianapolis, Indiana


It is with great pleasure and absolute confidence that I write this recommendation for animal behaviorist, Kimberly Trimpe!   For the past four years, Kim has worked with our beautiful Landseer Newfoundland, Percy.  I think it is important to mention that I was not inexperienced with the giant breed dogs.  Through the years that I was raising my five children, we were companioned by a St. Bernard beginning in 1969 and then four Newfoundlands followed throughout the years.  It was always my experience that they were wonderful family dogs, calm safe, gently protective; always living in the house, never unpredictable or aggressive…very much the “Nana” dogs of Peter Pan. 

Percy is eight years old, purchased from Margaret Willmott’s world-famous Topmast Kennel in Saskatchewan.  Born at Ms.Willmott’s ranch in October 1997, the brutally cold January temperatures in Canada prevented shipping Percy to us at 8 weeks of age.  He did not arrive until the first of February.  The magic and pivotal window of puppy socialization (6-10 weeks of age) had passed.  Though Percy has always been loving and gentle with the family. On his very first walk through the neighborhood at 4 months,  I was amazed to discover that Percy communicated insecurity and alarm barking when we encountered men in hats, people of color, and toddlers.  After two intensive 2 weeks away sessions with a well respected dog trainer, Percy, at six months, was very capable in his obedience, but still fearful of strangers and children.  For the first time we had a Newfoundland that was not really “Nana” material . . . a bit of a loose screw, but a loving and devoted family member none the less.   So for the next 5 years, we made sure that a family member was with Percy if he were to encounter people or situations that caused him anxiety.  It is important to say that Percy never snapped or snarled at anyone. But 170 pounds of strong male dog, barking in alarm and posturing to lunge is enough to frighten anyone; and for us to know that any situation could become unpredictable.  We kept Percy close to us and close to home.

In 2002, both my daughter and son-in-law and my son and daughter-in-law announced that they were expecting their first babies.  Knowing that my new grandchildren would be frequently at my home, in Percy’s “territory”, I sought Kim’s advice.  Kim began working with Percy to desensitize him to those experiences that caused him anxiety and carried the potential of unpredictable behavior.  With once weekly sessions, Kim exposed him to a variety of people and experiences as they walked through our Broad Ripple neighborhood.  By the following spring when the babies arrived, Percy was much more comfortable with workmen on the street in hard hats, people of color and babies.

We continue with Percy’s visits with Kim because he enjoys her so much.  The two granddaughters come to visit every week. Percy greets them the wagging tail and big wet kisses.  His regular housemates, our two pugs, our older female Newfoundland and my English Bulldog and a relatively newly rescued Shih Tzu all love Kim.  While all of our household is at work or school, Kim comes in to walk and work with Percy.  And out of the goodness of her heart, she takes the two pugs for a zip around the block as well.  And sends our ancient and infirm female Newfoundland out for a break in the day and a breath of fresh air.   (The English Bulldog goes to work with me!)

My daughter, Kate and her husband, Nate have recently consulted with Kim on the special challenges of their beautiful merle Border Collie puppy who happens to be deaf.

He requires extra patience to accomplish hand signal training since voice command is impossible.  Kate, who was raised with the quiet, low key Newfoundlands, has had a difficult time adjusting to the high energy, “working” temperment of Darby the Border Collie.  With the suggestions Kim has made, Darby is now well exercised and worn out enough to sleep through the night without wanting company and entertainment.  Kim is helping Nate and Kate to understand the needs of the breed and how to help Darby fulfill his potential as a wonderful family dog.

Lastly, my beloved English Bulldog, Bella, suffers from primary epilepsy, having grande mal cluster seizures every 10-14 days.  Bella is never left alone.  She accompanies me to work each day and sleeps in our bedroom.  On the few occasions when all of the family is away from home, Kim takes over guardianship of Bella.  Her broad experience in the veterinary clinic setting makes her very capable of administering meds and accessing and handling a potentially life threatening situation when Bella seizes.

Though I am not without “animal experience” myself, I have learned and continue to learn useful and fascinating information from Kim.  Kim is broadly educated and trained, with a vast amount of practical experience.  She has a genuine interest and concern for the animals.  It is heart-warming to see the affection and good humor with which she works the dogs.

Kim Trimpe, our “dog whisperer” is a trusted, respected and much loved member of our pack. 

Mary Tobey

Long Time Client

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