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Behavior Consultations:

I currently provide training and behavior modification services in the client's home due to the many advantages that this style of training provides for both the owner and the pet. Many owners like the  of being able to learn at home and find that their pets are much more relaxed and thus, learn new behaviors more easily. It is also helpful for me to be able to see the pet's environment which allows me to make more specific treatment recommendations.


Initial behavior consultations typically last about 2 hours, while follow-up behavior sessions, if needed, are usually 1 hour each.  I recognize that the needs of each client may be different, however, so I am happy to structure training sessions so they work with each client's busy schedule.  For more serious behavior problems, a consultation package may be the best choice, and is definitely recommended for most cases involving aggression issues since ongoing support is needed to monitor progress and to ensure safety. 


I see appointments Monday-Friday, and every other Saturday. I do see evening appointments, but since those slots fill quickly, I have a greater number of openings during weekday hours, for those clients who want to be seen as quickly as possible.

Common Behavior Problems That I Frequently Treat Include:

       Canine Issues:

* Housetraining Difficulties

  1. *Separation Anxiety

  2. *Destructiveness (chewing, digging, etc...)

  3. *Inappropriate Barking

  4. *Hyperactivity and Jumping

  5. *Fearful Behaviors

  6. *Compulsive Behaviors

  7. *Aggression (With more severe cases where a person or pet is in danger of being injured, I may refer the client to the Purdue Behavior Clinic for evaluation.)


     Feline Issues:

  1. *Inappropriate Elimination, Spraying, and Litter Box Issues

  2. *Fearful Behaviors

  3. *Aggression (With more severe cases where a person or pet is in danger of being injured, may refer the client to the Purdue Behavior Clinic for evaluation.)

Canine Obedience Training and Puppy Manners:

I also provide individual in-home obedience training so owners can learn how to teach their dog the basic commands at their pace and on their schedule.  Teaching your dog appropriate manners in your home is critical because that's where your dog spends most of his time and can get into the most trouble.  I am also happy, however, to conduct training sessions in any setting where you want to work on your dog's behavior - the park, the Monon Trail, your child's soccer practice, etc...  While attending training classes has many benefits and will often be recommended by me, many clients find that receiving the one-on-one instruction tailored to meet their individual needs  and schedules, speeds up the training process, making it both more efficient and more convenient.  For clients who want a well-trained dog, but whose busy schedules do not allow for the training time needed, I also offer the option of training their dog for them.  I then schedule a session with the owners to teach them how to maintain those newly learned behaviors.

Teaching the basic commands (sit, down, come, heel, wait, leave it, stay, etc...)

Puppy training: - for pups under 6 months of age - How to raise a well-behaved puppy and prevent future behavior problems. Dealing with common puppy problems, such as housetraining, bite inhibition, crate training, etc.


I can also provide you with educational training services such as:

Pre-purchase counseling so you can select the pet which best suits your family and lifestyle.

How to prepare your pets for the arrival of a new baby.

How to teach children to safely interact with animals.

How to prepare your current pets for the arrival of a new pet.

Topical seminars to educate veterinary staff on pet behavior


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