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Over the years, I have discovered some books which have proved invaluable in helping me to better understand my pets and become a better owner and trainer.  I have listed some of these books below, though not in any particular order.  I will be more than happy to advise you on which book might be a good starting point for your particular situation. 


●  Clicking With Your Dog: Step-by-step In Pictures. 

by: Peggy Tillman


●  Culture Clash

by: Jean Donaldson

(A wonderful book which debunks many of the myths we have about dogs and gives us insight into how we can be better teachers and owners.  A new edition has just come out with some new, updated material.)

     ●  Parenting Your Dog

by: Trish King


●  Before You Get Your Puppy

by: Ian Dunbar


●  After You Get Your Puppy

by: Ian Dunbar

(The above 2 books by Ian Dunbar have also been combined into 1 larger volume so you can buy 1 book instead of 2)


●  The Dog Whisperer: A Nonviolent Approach To Training.   

by: Paul Owens 


●  Don't Shoot The Dog

by: Karen Pryor

(The book that launched the shift in training from traditional force-based methods to the now widely accepted positive methods.  The book provides many examples of how to change human behavior, as well as that of our canine friends)


●  The Other End Of The Leash

by: Patricia McConnell

(A wonderful book which explains the differences between the animals at each end of the leash - humans and dogs - and how we can better understand our dogs and communicate with them.)


●  If A Dog's Prayers Were Answered... Bones Would Rain From The Sky:

Deepening Our Relationship With Dogs.

by: Suzanne Clothier


●  Outwitting Dogs

by: Terry Ryan


●  The Right Dog For You: Choosing A Breed That Matches Your Personality,

Family, And Lifestyle.

by: Daniel Tortora


●  The Power of Positive Training 

by: Pat Miller


●  The Perfect Kitten   

by: Peter Neville


●  Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right - How To Train Any Dog In 5 Minutes A


by: Krista Cantrell


●  How Dogs Learn

by: Burch and Bailey

(If you want to understand the scientific principles of behavior and learning, this book explains then in everyday language with examples which are easy for even the novice trainer to understand.)


●  Is Your Cat Crazy?  Solutions From The Casebook Of A Cat Therapist.

by: John C. Wright, Ph.D.


●  Click For Joy!  Questions And Answers From Clicker Trainers And Their Dogs.

by: Melissa Alexander


● Outwitting Cats - Tips, Tricks, And Techniques For Persuading The Felines In Your

Life That What You Want Is Also What They Want.

by: Wendy Christensen


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